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UX / UI    Visual Design

Cryptocurrency trading platform.


Rebrand COINSEASON's whole website and redesign their new cryptocurrency trading platform to help users be confident about trading on their platform.

Background & Why

For their early adopter & majority attraction and better representation to their investor, COINSEASON found us to help them rebuild the whole platform: redesign and rebranding every still page, and make platform functional--tradable.

COINSEASON is a cryptocurrency exchange & trading platform startup company.

I also worked remotely as an independent Visual Designer and UX / UI  designer got involved in requirement inquiry, design cycle, and implementation.

My Role.

This project is collaborative teamwork where I acted as design representative in eMonster Solution to communicate with our client COINSEASON.


Whom do I design for?

COINSEASON, a startup company in financial tech and blockchain industry, providing cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform to their targeted users.

What are COINSEASON‘s targeted users?

Early adopter/majority who are familiar with virtual currency or own some basic knowledge on cryptocurrency trade.

Design Principles.

Trustworthy,  Professional,  Functional,  Understandable, and Easy-to-use Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

What do users need from COINSEASON's platform?

A demonstrative presentation to let users know what they can get from COINSEASON and why they need to choose COINSEASON.

A fully functional platform to let users trade cryptocurrency combined with COINSEASON's competitive feature service.



After numerous function discussion, card sorting, and listing out some typical user scenarios with COINSEASON, aligning with the crucial user journey above, I drill down  user flows and finally built a clear sitemap which is aiming for efficient and seamless user experience.

Log in with a verified account -- Homepage -- Access to Fund -- Deposit -- Trade

Log in with a verified account -- Homepage -- Trading page -- Buy&Sell section -- Access to Fund -- Deposit -- Trade

Task 4: Fund to trade

Task 1: Sign up

Lands on the homepage -- Browse informative & appealing content -- Interested in COINSEASON -- Sign up

Task 2: Activate account

Sign up by Email / Phone -- Receive code -- Activate account

Task 3: Verify account

After activation-- Jump to the verification page -- Submit verifying info -- Waiting for verifying -- Verified 

Log in (receive email reminder) -- Homepage -- Access to verification page-- Submit verifying info -- Wait for verifying -- Verified


Unlike on other websites, users on a cryptocurrency trading platform are required to go through the following four tasks before making their first trade.

After conducting research, I mapped out a user flow to help the team visualize the user journey, and help users easily navigate the process and start trading smoothly:


Because of the urgent deadline, we need to combine all the resources we have, composing content, design interface and developing code parallelly at the almost same time.  


  • 6 separate steps are clear, but acting as an overwhelming task that users need to finish.


  • The order of steps is not well organized.


  • Lack of considerable error feedbacks or error preventions when users make mistakes.


  • Old interface.


  • Not align with this company’s new brand visual identity.

Demonstrative Presentation --  Build Confidence from Content to Design.

Content to design.png

Urgent timeline -- Deliver Still Page Design to Development page by page.

Page by page-still.png

Natural experience & Clear Information Hierarchy

Verification - Status.png
Gradational experience.png
My Account hierarchy.png

Align with conventions -- Trading function exploration

Trading Page-Route decision.png
  • Smoother experience in trading decision making.

Winner is the V.2, why?

  • Natural eye track and cursor movement (aim at desktop).

  • Provides shorter vertical path on essential steps (1,2,3).

  • Placing the Step 3-1&2 on the first screen where the most crucial trading behavior could improve the efficiency on trading task.

Trading page final design.

Trading-after sign in.png




Limited time could also profit design decision -- keep eyes on crucial experience.

The design could be an endless process if there is no deadline or resource limitation. With a tight timeline, we had to force ourselves to concentrate on the most important function and user journey which is essential to COINSEASON's early user adoption at this stage.

Time constraint keeps us from distractions. 

What will be  the next after platform built?

Currently,  we draft out a functional cryptocurrency platform more focusing on initial attraction, first conversion, and fundamental function. 

After adopting COINSEASON's first users, studying their trading behaviors, learning from real feedbacks, it will be natural to find out more problems and opportunities to refine the user flows and design to improve the efficiency.

There are much more possible on trading process.

The current trading experience on COINSEASON is lean on conventions, which users already learned from their other cryptocurrency trading experience so that they can pick up it here quickly.

It could be a good start when we are hurry to build up a platform and aims at smooth user adoption and migration. However, it might also have something missed because of the convention process.

Considering COINSEASON's business model innovation which is the legal currency participant and lower fee, could those innovations be more highlighted during the trading process? Other than demonstrating them on the website boarding experience.

Also, it's also possible to tackle trading page more immersively like one-screen height interaction, simplify trading flow by removing, grouping or hiding the minor sections with deeper research on user's trading journey. 

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