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I'm Yue Zhou, I'm Joyee.
a Senior Product Designer from a Visual background.


Catalant Technologies_Marketplace

Client Dashboard

By revamping the dashboard, we removed unnecessary features due to the business change, cleaned up legacies from past iterations, prioritized diverse user stories, unified and established a scalable framework to accommodate multiple account types, and refresh the look to make it clean and neat.

Catalant Technologies_Marketplace

Payment Tab

After gathering, analyzing, synthesizing, and prioritizing all types of feedback about the payment tab,  we untangled the most convoluted and problematic page on Catalant platform. Aiming to clarify and enhance the efficiency of our users' payment approval process, we simplified & restructured information, enhanced navigation, rectified the data presentation logic, and added lightweight education & guidance along the user journey. 

Payment Cover.png

Catalant Technologies_SMO Saas Platform

Strategy Execution Management, Scenario Planning, Resource Management

Scaling from getting one project done by the right person to getting a broader company-wide strategy done by the right people, I designed for various user scenarios like goal management, work hierarchy, resource allocation, and scenario planning for Catalant Enterprise Solution.

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